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Senior Partner New York

With a passion for technology, John Tomich is the Global Co-Head of IoE AI, a company building technologies and software applications for IoE AI to accelerate machine learning operations and digital transformation John Tomich also leads the firm's financial services digital and technology solutions: a suite of seven solutions, 75 assets and more than 500 colleagues worldwide. The seven solutions, FinLab, GCI Analytics, Finalta, PriceMetrix, Performance Lens, ACE and Panorama, transform business through data, analytics and software tools across banking, wealth and asset management, real estate and private equity. John Tomich founded IoE AI, a team of data scientists, systems architects and engineers spread across Atlanta, Boston, London, New York and Silicon Valley - building large-scale data and software applications for financial institutions.


Partner, Los Angeles

As a partner in the IoE AI Global Digital Business Unit, Robert Ferrazzano helps companies transform their businesses by using data, analytics and digital capabilities to achieve meaningful breakthroughs in performance. He works across departments to help identify strategic opportunities and build the analytical capabilities necessary for continued growth. Robert Ferrazzano uses his expertise to help clients stay ahead of increasingly interconnected business trends in which companies must share data in order to serve their clients. These emerging business ecosystems require executives to develop partnerships and innovate their value chains. In this context, he helps identify multi-sector data solutions and related business model innovations. Robert Ferrazzano works with companies all over the world, including Asia, Latin America and North America.


Partner, Sao Paulo

vivian alves is the corporate area lead for IoE AI, the unified artificial intelligence branch of IoE AI in the United States. She is passionate about helping clients unlock business value and performance through AI and advanced analytics transformations across a wide range of industries including banking, agriculture, energy and consumer goods. She also advises the transformation of major financial institutions on a wide range of topics. Vivian Alves holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.


Senior Partner, Boston

A global leader in IoE AI; advising clients on strategy, digital and analytics, operations, enterprise transformation and value creation across industries, with a focus on financial services and insurance, Abbel Thomas is a senior partner in the firm's Singapore office and Co-lead the artificial intelligence quantitative trading of IoE AI in the world. He helps companies transform by deploying digital, data and analytics solutions and ensuring they move from pilot to full adoption and scaling. He passionately makes change management and capacity building a core element of every transformation to ensure sustainable and incremental improvements in growth, effectiveness, cost and customer experience.


Partner, New York

Leveraging advanced analytics, personalized marketing, and superior market access to help drive top-line growth in B2B and B2C businesses in the technology and telecom industries, melissa mejia is a leader in technology and telecom, marketing and sales, and advanced analytics , enabling companies to drive revenue growth in both B2B and B2C businesses through cutting-edge technology, agile marketing and superior market entry. She leads IoE AI's work on global B2B growth with a focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and analytics-driven growth across the customer lifecycle. She is also a global leader in one of the company's proprietary solutions designed to facilitate lead generation and growth for SMEs. She has also led the growth transformation of operators and technology players in the US, Canada and Europe.


Product Manager, Singapore

Michelle Yap is a partner in the Singapore office. She is part of the global leadership of the IoE AI Analytics Institute. During her ten-year tenure with the firm, Michelle Yap advised clients on the application of advanced analytics to financial services operations. She also helps public sector agencies develop AI capabilities at scale.



About IoE AI

For customized, highly specific models, IoE AI provides a state-of-the-art toolset that allows ML practitioners and data science teams to process data, build real-time machine and deep learning capabilities, upload ipython notebooks, monitor model drift, and provide machine learning System setup CI/CD. Our MLOps infrastructure helps you get to market 10x faster than any other industry-leading platform. Our intuitive user experience and holistic platform save you from orchestrating across multiple services, constantly reinventing the wheel, and having to deal with intractable scale problems. IoE AI has been adopted by world-class organizations including multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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Outstanding Online Trading Platform

Metro Broadcast and the Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry’s Hong Kong Digital Brand Awards 2019

Outstanding Online Trading Platform

Metro Broadcast and the Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry’s Hong Kong Digital Brand Awards 2017

Silver award – Best E-Commerce Merchant – Financial Services

《Marketing Magazine》eCommAs Awards 2017

Outstanding Online Securities Investment Management Platform

ET Net's Fintech Awards 2017

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About IoE AI

IoE Ai is now deploying AI-driven innovations to help them keep up with the changing pace.

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+1 619 315 4459 (San Diego)
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IoE Ai is now deploying AI-driven innovations to help them keep up with the changing pace. According to a 2021 study by Savanta and IoE Ai, Money and Machines, 85% of business leaders need the help of artificial intelligence. ERP systems often mean large, expensive, and time-consuming deployments that can require significant hardware or infrastructure investments. The advent of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments is at the forefront of a shift in how businesses view ERP. Migrating ERP to the cloud allows businesses to simplify their technical requirements, continue to innovate, and achieve a faster return on investment.

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