IoE AI quantitative transaction pledge income

50-5000 (USDT)
1 day profit 0.5%
7 days profit 0.6%
30 days profit 0.7%
90 days profit 0.8%

5001-30000 (USDT)
1 day profit 0.6%
7 days profit 0.7%
30 days profit 0.8%
90 days profit 0.9%

30001-50000 (USDT)
1 day profit 0.7%
7 days profit 0.8%
30 days profit 0.9%
90 days profit 1%

50001-100000 (USDT)
1 day profit 0.9%
7 days profit 1%
30 days profit 1.1%
90 days profit 1.2%

≥100001 (USDT)
1 day profit 1.1%
7 days profit 1.2%
30 days profit 1.3%
90 days profit 1.4%

  1. After the user enters the pledge level, if you need to cancel the pledge order, please contact the online customer service.
  2. Users can withdraw the income generated by the pledge at any time.
  3. The orders generated by the user during the pledge period cannot be repeated. Each pledged order will calculate the income and pledge cycle according to the new pledge order.

First reward: referral bonus

Invite your friends to join IoE AI and get a bonus (2% bonus of the first pledge)

◆Example 1: Your team member pledged 1000 USDT, you can receive 2% of their pledged amount, which is 20 USDT as referral bonus. (Only for the first pledge, the IoE AI product manager will issue the bonus)

Second reward: form a team, the higher the income of the team members, the higher your bonus will be

You get 6% of your team members’ daily commissions as a team leader’s bonus

◆Example 1.

Your member pledges 30 days LP2 plan with pledge amount 10000USDT, then their pledge gain for 30 days is 100000.8%=8030=2400USDT
As the team leader, you will get the team leader bonus of 144USDT (2400×6%)

◆Example 2.

Your member pledges 30 days LP5 plan and invests 100000USDT,then their 30 days pledged return is 1000001.3%=130030=39000USDT
As the team leader, you will get the team leader bonus of 2340USDT (39000×6%)

Regulatory Issues:

What Governs IoE AI?

At present, AI quantitative trading has become a trend in developed countries, and the institutional quantitative trading market in the United States and Europe has reached about 70%.

IoE AI as a Singapore platform, the full name of the company IOE AI PTE. LTD, No. 202225270M, the company is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) at 10 BEATTY ROAD #09-05 STURDEE RESIDENCES SINGAPORE (209955) exempted private company limited by shares.

IOE AI is regulated by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and was incorporated on July 20, 2012 under the Companies Act with authority number L22587628E.

IOE AI complies with the admission mechanism for quantitative trading and has the qualification conditions for quantitative trading institutions, filing and registration, trading algorithms, risk management and professional competence of practitioners.

In terms of improving the reporting system of quantitative trading, IOE AI shall be required by quantitative trading institutions to report trading data and risk management programs on a regular basis so that the regulator can grasp the status of IOE AI’s quantitative investment and high-frequency trading in a timely manner and prevent relevant risks; and establish a timely reporting system for quantitative trading algorithms. As assessed by the quantitative trading regulator, IOE AI meets the specifications of trading algorithms and has reported its algorithms and codes.

At the same time, users’ funds are co-supervised by Coinbase, so the majority of users can invest with confidence.

With an accuracy rate of 90% in market research and analysis, IOE AI has only experienced a few losses since the beginning of the project. However, IoE AI promises the majority of users that for market downturns, IoE AI will make certain rate adjustments, but will never deduct users’ funds.

Users’ funds are co-regulated by Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States in terms of trading volume. On April 13, 2021, Coinbase was listed on the NASDAQ exchange, becoming the first company in the cryptocurrency industry to be listed in the United States.

These are the fundamentals of IoE AI’s foundation. Only platforms that are recognized by regulators are the ones that users can choose with confidence.

What is Coinbase?

Numerous considerations, including location and protocol, are taken into account while buying cryptocurrencies. It’s more difficult to get some coins than others. Among them is artificial intelligence. The extensive ecosystem of Coinbase does not now enable artificial intelligence. You could still find ways to purchase artificial intelligence. To be informed about Artificial Intelligence and receive alerts whenever it becomes available on the Coinbase app, register with Coinbase.In the modern world, cryptocurrencies are indeed a fascinating phenomenon. Digital coins, which has also quickly acquired popularity and are now quite popular, continuing to be a very rewarding financial tool, with the potential to generate enormous returns when trading cryptocurrencies or investing in these assets over the long term. Bitcoin investing demands a significant deal of knowledge and perseverance to comprehend and implement. As more electronics tools become accessible, traders and financiers are increasingly looking to artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist them understand investment.Cryptocurrency has quickly grown from a modest alternative investment to one with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars. You’ve probably heard of Coinbase if you’re wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies or use them as a payment method. It is after all one of the most widely used bitcoin exchanges internet, with millions of users. Additionally, it is among the simplest methods for purchasing cryptocurrencies, which has contributed to its meteoric rise to fame.In a short, Coinbase is an exchange that enables you to buy well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. There are more than 120 distinct kinds of cryptocurrency on Coinbase, albeit not all of them are accepted.While not all cryptocurrencies are supported by Coinbase, the majority of the most widely used coins are. Therefore, most users who purchase and sell on Coinbase won’t encounter any problems. But more experienced traders could discover they need to open an account somewhere else. It makes sense to question the security of Coinbase, especially if you are making significant investments. Additionally, the platform is still very new. Although two-factor authentication and other security features make Coinbase a generally safe platform, it is not immune to attacks. Online claims of Coinbase consumers having their account drained over night may be found with a basic search. One reason for these incidents, according to experts, is SIM switching. For individuals who are new to cryptocurrencies, using Coinbase is a simple way to get started. With just some few clicks, users may purchase and trade cryptocurrency thanks to its simple interface. Although not all cryptocurrency types are supported, several of the most well-known coins are. The costs on Coinbase can add quickly, especially when purchasing tiny quantities of cryptocurrency, so keep that in mind. When purchasing up to $10 worth of bitcoin, for instance, you will pay a $0.99 variable cost, which means that your fee might be close to 10% (on top of something like the spread overcharge already included in the price). These are a few of the main reasons why, despite being helpful for beginners, Coinbase is not appropriate for everyone.